Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel

There is something extraordinary about staying at a 5-star hotel. Maybe it is the impeccable service or the incredible view of the location, but we believe that there are five special ways to help make your bedroom feel more like a luxurious hotel. The best part is you do not even have to leave your bed to experience it. Let’s take a look! 

Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel:

1. Feel Like Luxury.

Creating a cozy bed is an easy three-step process. You will need to focus on these three parts of your bed:

  • The Comforter. A comfortable comforter or duvet is key to a luxurious bed. Search for one that feels cozy to the touch and has a lot of fluff.
  • The Pillows. When we think of comfort, a pillow may be our first thought. A good pillow can be hard to find. You want to search for a pillow that meets your criteria but is also within a reasonable price range. Also, make sure to switch out your pillows every six months with fresh, new ones to help it maintain its maximum freshness and fluff.
  • The Sheets. Believe it or not, but your sheets are a huge contributor to your bed’s comfort. They seem so simple, but they have a large impact on the bed’s coziness. To make sure your bed is up to hotel standard, be sure to buy sheets at least 300 thread count.

2. Smell Like Luxury.

Using a linen spray can help enhance your luxurious experience. The linen spray can help you to unwind and relax. Try using scents like lavender, vanilla or chamomile.

3. See Like Luxury.

Hotels use warm lighting to set the tone. You will also notice that they provide a decent amount of lighting options around the room. There are usually two lights beside the bed, a floor lamp, desk lamp, and an overhead lamp. The reason that these many light options are a good idea is it allows you to change up your use. If you are in bed, you do not have to have on your overhead light; you can just use your bedside lights.

4. Taste Like Luxury.

Nothing quite says “5-star treatment” like breakfast in bed. Wake up and treat yourself to a delicious meal in bed.

5. Hear Like Luxury.

Noise machines are great for creating a peaceful environment. Plus, you can choose your favorite vacation spot and use it as inspiration. If you love the beach, you can listen to the ocean. If you enjoy camping, you can listen to the birds.

Finish your room off with a fluffy rug for your bedroom floor. Nothing quite says cozy like waking up and placing your feet on a plush rug.  Thanks for reading!