The Key to Storing Your Keys

We would be lost without our keys. Your keys can be an extreme asset to your life. Not only are your keys essential for transportation, but also allow access into your home, work, and even in some cases, your place of education. Where would we be without our keys? Too often people misplace or lose them due to oversight. Establishing a designated area in your home is the first proactive step in not losing your keys. We put together our top most convenient places to store your keys so that you never find yourself without them again. Let’s take a look!

Key Hook

The key hook is a phenomenal resource to facilitate storing your keys inside your home. Our team of experts has found it to be the most beneficial to place your key hook near your primary entrance and exits of your home. For example, if you exit through your foyer, your keyholder should hang closest to your foyer door. Whereas in some households, residents may exit their home via the garage. Establishing what the best location in your home is essential to keep your keys from never being lost.

Key Drawer

A key drawer has also been found to be helpful in family homes. Like anything in life, developing the habit is crucial to success.  Assign a drawer in your home where you keep all of your keys.  Make sure it is the first place you go when you come home to put your keys away.  The closer your key drawer is to your entrance and exit the better.  Not only is does this grant more convenience but also prevents you from getting caught up or distracted from putting your keys away.

Your Nightstand

So, this one may not be the closest to your door but serves a valuable second purpose.  Having your keys near your bed allows you to have instant access to your car alarm.  You would use this clever hack if you were to need quick access to your car alarm, for example, a home intrusion.  Just reach over and turn on your car alarm and you have your own home security system.  This is also probably where you are charging your phone at night making it easy to grab both before you get up and start your day.
Having your keys always in an assigned location will prevent you from losing them.  This is an easy habit to develop that can prevent a ton of unnecessary hassle and stress.  Also, creating spare keys and hiding them outside your home is an excellent preventive measure you can take to stay proactive from losing your keys or any spontaneous situation where someone else may need into your home.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes.

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