How to Clean Your Couch

Couches are magnets to unwanted dirt, hair, and lint. Cleaning them can become an overwhelming task for homeowners. If you are curious about how to properly clean your sofa, we have the perfect guide for you! The best part is you can do this all on your own before resorting to a professional cleaning crew and here is how:

How to Clean Your Couch:

Pro-Tip: Before we begin, if you are planning on using any cleaner or solution on your sofa, it is a smart idea to apply it on a small section of your couch to see how it reacts. Try using it in an unseen place and let it sit before continuing to use it on the rest of your couch.

1. Food crumbs and dirt can be hidden underneath your couch cushions. Remove the cushions and start to vacuum up any leftovers.

2. Fabric couches are more prone to lint and hair; therefore, you want to make sure you remove all of it. Try using a dryer sheet to remove hair and grab a lint roller to get leftover lint. Bonus: the dryer sheet will leave your couch smelly fresh and delightful.

3. Each couch needs to use a particular solution type for the most successful results. You can find your couch’s cleaning needs on its fabric tag. You will notice that a letter is associated with the couch. Here is the cleaning codebook to help you find the right cleaning solution for your furniture:

S: Dry cleaned or cleaned with a water-free detergent.

O: Washed in cold water.

W: Cleaned with water-based detergent.

WS: Water-based detergent or dry cleaned.

X: Only should be cleaned by a professional.

4. Steaming your couch can help loosen up dirt and particles for a more efficient clean. Turn your iron on “steam” mode and rub it back and forth on the dirty areas. You will find it easier to clean after doing this.

5. Remember to always blot and never rub when you are trying to remove a stain. If you are looking for a stain remover, make sure to test a small area first and that it matches with your couch’s cleaning code.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for cleaning your sofa! Be sure to check back next week for more expert advice. Thanks for reading! 

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