Furniture Makeover

Sometimes you inherit old furniture or have pieces in your homes that do not currently go with your theme. Just because the color does not match or may feel too contemporary or too antique, we tend to put these useful pieces of furniture into storage. Well if you have an old coffee table or dresser in which you are underusing in your home, consider giving it a quick makeover. Here are some easy, cost-effective tricks to turning old furniture into new pieces that you will love:
Repaint and Re-Upholster
Furniture, which does not follow a room’s color scheme, can quickly become an eyesore in the room. Consider sanding and repainting furniture so that it can match your rooms color theme. If you have chairs in your room that are outdated, you can try re-upholstering them. Upholstery and paint are excellent because you can add them to multiple pieces of furniture and make your room feel uniformed. Consider applying a clear coat to furniture you paint as well to give it a gloss finish and a layer of protection.
New Handles
Take your outdated handles off and consider getting new ones. This can quickly transform an antique into a more modern piece of furniture. Also, if furniture does not have handles, consider adding some for a stylish twist. It not only makes opening it more convenient but can add a sleek design as well.
Apply Unique Additions
You can apply new additions to furniture or remove parts as well. Take outdated legs off to create a lower profile couch or add texture to the paint scheme when painting your furniture. Be creative and add vinyl designs to dressers or coffee tables to help amplify character. You can even help improve furniture aesthetics by what you place on them. Look into decorative floral or lamps to help tie your furniture theme back into your room.
Do not let old furniture be a downfall to your room décor. Always consider different options to modernize your furniture or help redesign it to fit your room theme. Creativity is vital when repurposing and making over furniture. Consider all these tips to see what can help take that old desk and make it look brand new.

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