First Home Decorating Tips

Congratulations! This is a monumental moment for you. You are officially a first-time homeowner. With owning a home, you will learn that there will be a lot of up’s and down’s (hopefully, mostly up’s). This is finally your chance to make your home unique and personalize it to fit your unique style. While you have always dreamt of the day, it has finally come for you to make your mark on your place. We are here to help you make your mark without breaking the bank. That is why we have created a guide with four tips for decorating your first home. Let’s take a look! 

First-Home Decorating Tips:

1. First Things, First.

Typically, the bedroom is where homeowners spend a majority of their time. Also, it is the least expensive room for you to redecorate. Depending on your budget, you have several options for decor ideas. If you are tight on a budget, we recommend starting with the bed. The coziness of your bed is definitely a top priority. You want your bed to be an escape from everyday life. We recommend starting with your comforter and working your way down to the sheets. If you have leftover cash, you can begin working on the room’s overall decor. Pieces like the curtains, rugs, and decorative finishes can turn your bedroom into a wonderful retreat. 

2. Pace Yourself.

It is exciting to own a new place and we are sure that you have a lot of dreams in place. But before you get too excited, you will want to budget yourself. It can be a great idea to create a check-list of your needs and wants. Before you make any purchases, you want to make sure that you are checking off your “need” list before your “want” list. 

3. Do Not Go Matchy, Matchy.

Design experts recommend steering clear of all matching furniture. Having a completely matching set of furniture can look nice, but it tends to make your home look dull and even staged. Whenever you have the chance, try to incorporate different pieces to spice up the place. 

4. Replace vs. Repurpose.

If you are trying to budget yourself, you will want to focus on making temporary adjustments to your home. By repurposing items, you can save a lot more money than replacing the item completely. For example, if you do not have the budget to replace all of your cabinetry, try repainting it and replacing the hardware until you can afford for a complete update. This is a simple hack to save you more money for a greater investment.

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