10 Packing & Moving Tips

Congratulations on your brand new Fulton Home! This is an exciting moment. Owning a new home rewards homeowners with exciting change and unique opportunities for design. But for some, moving can seem like an overwhelming project. To help comfort you on moving day, we want to share our top ten packing and moving tips so you can have ease of mind. Let’s take a look! 

10 Packing and Moving Tips

1. Get The Packing Supplies + Moving Accommodations

Before you begin packing, you want to prepare for the move by gathering all of your supplies and finishing your moving accommodations. Accommodations can include a moving day schedule, the truck rental, moving route, etc. Once you have everything organized, you can begin packing. 

2. Load The Moving Truck in Order

If you decide to rent a moving truck and load it yourself, you will want to follow a distinct order when loading the truck. All heavy items will go in first. You want your boxes to cap off at around 50 pounds (any bigger may cause tearing in the box or an issue with lifting). After your truck is almost full, you want to load your essential items in last. These items can include cell phone chargers, toothbrushes, etc. 

3. Add a Protective Barrier

Sometimes, you can use the budget-friendly alternative of bubblewrap by utilizing extra socks, pillowcases, and linens to fill out the box. These items will help to add a protective layer without costing an extra dime! 

4. Write an Inventory List

You may find it valuable to write an inventory list before you move. The list will say what each box contains inside of it.

5. Leave Dressers as Is

Instead of purchasing extra boxes and taking up room in the moving truck, you will want to leave your contents inside of your dressers and tape up the outside of it. This allows you to unpack easier once you get to your new place. 

6. Have Important Documents on Hand

There is no better person to trust than yourself with essential records and documents. Do not rely on movers or family members to hold onto your important papers. Take them with you in your hands during the move to ensure their safety. 

7. Buy Heavy-Duty Trash Bags.

The last thing you want on moving day is a torn or ripped trash bag. Be sure to invest in heavy-duty bags for moving day to ensure everything gets there safely. 

8. Organize Items by Room

Your boxes should be organized by room. This will help make unpacking more manageable and ensure that everything is kept in place. 

9. Ask for Help.

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help from family and friends. Promise them something like a pizza dinner if they help you with the move. The odds are that they will pitch in and be willing to help! 

10. Keep Tools Nearby

Lastly, you are going to have to reassemble furniture once you get to the new place. Be sure to keep your toolbox nearby and ready for use by keeping it with you during moving day. 

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