Quick Organization Tips for Your Garage

The organization system in garages can be easily forgotten. A lot of homeowners use their garage as a place to store miscellaneous items that do not have a proper home. Do not let your garage get out of hand by placing item after item inside of it. Summertime is the perfect time for you to tackle your garage’s mess. To help you get started, we have created quick and easy tips for easy organization. Let’s take a look! 

Tips for organizing your garage: 

Make it mobile.

The place where you store your tools should be mobile to help with the ease of completing projects. 

    • Utilize any glass jars for storing your smaller items like screws and nails. You can use old baby food jars or mini mason jars to accomplish a vintage look. Be sure to remove all stickers from the containers before using them as decor. 

Work it out.

Create a workspace for yourself that combines storage with functionality. Also, you will want to have a proper workbench for your space. Experts recommend buying a workbench that is at least six to eight inches long.  

AP in Appliances.

A lot of homeowners decide to store extra appliances in their garage. Keep the space clear in front of refrigerators and freezers for easy access. If you are not utilizing some of your small appliances, store them on higher shelves to keep the lower spaces available for frequently used items.

    • Keep appliances free of dust by storing them in plastic bags. 

Get it covered.

Garages tend to have a lot of heavy dirt and residue from cars. Homeowners may choose to cover their garage flooring with a heavy duty coating. The coating helps to protect the garage floor from oil, salt, and grease and is easy to clean. 

Succeed in storage. Cabinets can be extremely helpful for storing important items in your garage. Pet and cleaning supplies can be easily accessed in your garage. Plus, cabinets give a nice, clean look to the space without having to leave things on the countertops. 

    • If you are on a budget, plastic storage bins can replace cabinets in your garage. Be sure to label each box with the items that are inside. 

Start summer off right with a clean, organized garage. Once you organize your garage, you will feel a breath of relief. It will feel amazing to step into your garage and find whatever you are looking for right away.