Let There Be Light – Adding Light to A Dark Room

Who does not love waking up to a room beaming in sunlight? Unfortunately, there is always that one room in the house that feels uninviting due to the lack of light. Yes, getting some light into that dark room is necessary to help it look more visually appealing and the light will provide just the right amount of warmth you need to feel comfortable and cozy.

Not everyone has the option of making structural changes to add or bring natural light into a room. Rest assured, that you can achieve the desired effect without having to launch an expensive renovation project by adding in additional windows. You can brighten up a dark room by using a variety of techniques.

Make The Most Out of Natural Light

Start off by making the most out of the natural lighting that the room does get. You can do this by adding mirrors throughout the room. Mirrors can help make a room appear bigger and it can also reflect light all around the space. Try installing a large mirror or mirrored tiles directly across the windows in the room. The mirror will reflect the light from the window and cast it all about the room.

You can also maximize natural light by opting for sheer curtains as opposed to dark curtains and heavy drapes. Such window treatments can eat up sunlight. Sheer curtains allow the sun to stream right through the room without any barriers.

Layering Artificial Lighting

Of course, adding in artificial lighting seems like the most logical solution to brightening a dark room. While you may already have a central or overhead lighting fixture, you should try to add additional lighting to the space. Use accent lighting such as strip LED lights in the dark corners and towards the back of the room if you are working with a large space. Also, do not forget task lighting and be sure to switch out dull bulbs and opt for the highest recommended wattage. Steer clear from frosted and dark lampshades because they can engulf artificial lighting.

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