How to Make Your Shower Door Sparkle

Your shower gets you clean, but what is keeping your shower door clean? It is easy for your shower doors to get stained with water buildup and soap particles, and unfortunately, a dirty shower door can affect the overall look of your bathroom. You may be wondering, how can I effectively clean it so that it sparkles like the rest of the space? There is no need to worry because we have the perfect guide for you. Let’s take a look! 
How to Make Your Shower Door Sparkle:
1. Get Rid of Buildup. 
Many people swear by vinegar and a grease-cutting dish detergent to clean the shower doors; however, this method does not work if your shower is made from stone. The vinegar solution could actually damage the material. Instead, stay on the safe side by opting for liquid soap (no dye) with baking soda. When creating the solution, make sure it is thick and frost-like before using it. Lastly, you will want to use a non-abrasive sponge to assist you in cleaning the shower doors.
2. Citrus Cleaner. 
You can also get your shower doors sparkling clean with a citrus-based solution. Start off by taking a lemon and cutting it in half. Dip one half of the lemon into baking soda and rub it against the shower door. You can also take some of the lemon juice by itself and wipe it against the glass door. This citrus solution will help prevent soap particles from drying on your shower’s glass doors. 
3. Multi-Purpose Tools.
Try using a toothbrush to clean and polish the metal frame around the shower door. You can also take a paint scraper to remove gunk from the hard-to-get areas such as where the metal meets the door or in the very corner of the shower and the door. Also, a razor is effective at removing mineral spots from flat glass doors.
         ** Please be extremely cautious and careful while using any sort of sharp objects. 
4. Prevention Is Important.
Prevention is key to keeping the shower door clean and free from soap particles and water buildup. For the best results, try keeping a squeegee or a sponge nearby so that you can wipe down the shower door after each use. You can even apply a daily shower spray to the doors consisting of a small amount of dish soap (gentle; no dye formula) and your favorite essential oil. This homemade remedy will keep your shower door looking great between deep cleanings! 
Voila! Your shower doors are now sparkling and beautiful.