Tips for “Non – Techie” Organizing & Managing Household Paperwork

We know how busy you are – at work and/or as a busy stay-at-home mom, often resulting in letting your personal responsibilities suffer. We’re talking about paying bills, insurance, etc., while maintaining a calendar for yourself, family members, doctor appointments, game days plus a plethora of other responsibilities. Let us help you get a grip on your household and have quality time leftover for yourself, family and friends!

We Love Binders

? Easy to Use – We love file folders for organizing, but actually binders are the best way to keep papers organized for current projects and for reference down the road.
? Portable – Whether I’m using the binder in the room or need to take with me on the go, they are so easy to grab off the shelf.
? Organizing & Storage – Binders are the perfect product for easy storage. Put them on shelves, in drawers, filing cabinets for easy access and quick use.
? Inexpensive – Purchase when they go on sale like two for one. Binders can be reused over and over and their identification labels on the front covers or on their spines can be easily upgraded to a new topic.
? Binder Uses – If you sit down and start to jot down what you need help with organizing household tasks, you instantly realize that this practice is a critical key to developing a quality work life balancing act! We use binders for recipes, home appliance/warranties/manuals, home maintenance information, various holiday planning guides, detailed medical files for each family member, pets and etc.

I know what you are thinking, I keep everything on my phone! Well, we know all too often how easy it is to misplace our phone or the battery will die. While you are busy looking for your phone the thought of adding something to your notes or calendar have vanished. Technology is a wonderful thing, but writing things down helps us to remember and we make a mental note about an upcoming task. Please give us feedback and share your organizational ideas. Enjoy getting your busy life organized and manageable!