Create the Ultimate Homeschool Workroom

Whether you homeschool your children or they attend school outside the home, creating an organized and inspirational place for them to do homework has benefits for all! The space needs to be a place in the home that promotes creativity, critical thinking and makes it fun to learn! We have listed some easy tips below for creating the ultimate school workroom at home:

  1. If you are like most of us, your space may be limited, so organization and using the proper furniture is critical in the overall design of the room. If your home has a basement or upstairs play area then you have the perfect spot!
  2. First, we recommend painting the room white or a light gray with white trim. We are going to add pops of bold color in floor pillows, area rugs/pads, artwork and furniture. For an outside natural feeling, paint the ceiling a light sky blue. This will make you smile every time you look up by invoking nature outside!
  3. For flooring, we recommend a solid surface like hardwood, luxury vinyl tile or laminate.
    You can add color with floor pillows in red, blue, green or yellow. Also, depending on your children’s age you can use colorful graphic area rugs, or tiled puzzled mats made out of rubber/silicone. Keep in mind standing on a hard surface can be hard on your back and legs. Rubber padded mats and rugs are a great option for eliminating aches and pains – and of course carpet with the right pad can also soften the space.
  4. In most cases you will need to maximize space for storage by installing vertical shelving. Purchase inexpensive shelving in big box stores, online, yard/garage sales and second hand/nonprofit charity stores. If purchasing used shelving, you can easily paint with spray paint or rolling on with a small roller. If the surface is a laminate, we recommend taking a fine to medium sandpaper and hitting the surface to ensure the paint adheres to the surface. Priming before painting is recommended.
  5. Create a space for a reading nook and quiet time depending on the children’s age. Also, purchase an inexpensive water feature for relaxing an enhancing their creativity!

We hope you enjoy and have fun creating this special place for your children and by all means please let us know your creative ideas for the project!