5 Best Wood Species For Furniture

Wood furniture is a prized possession in any home. It instantly adds texture, comfort and style to your home’s decor. As an natural product you can expect wood to have differences in texture, color and grain. Such variations are what make wood furniture pieces beautiful and unique. Have you ever wondered what wood species make for the best furnishing? Check out these five popular wood species that are commonly used in furniture.

Beech is a type of hardwood that is heavy and strong. Beech usually has a tight grain with a smooth and even texture. It has a natural light color. This type of wood is often used to make furniture that requires a bit of flexibility or bending like chairs. Beech wood furniture provides a natural, organic look and it has a solid density. Like most wood furniture, beech wood can age gracefully if it’s properly maintained.

  1. Walnut
    It’s beautiful, dark brown hue makes walnut a very popular choice for furniture. With it’s distinctive grain, walnut is known for its hardness, durability and shock resistance. Authentic walnut furniture is generally more expensive than most types of wood furniture because walnut trees don’t grow as often. Walnut is commonly found in furnishing that features dark stained finishes. As walnut furniture ages you’ll find that it gets a lighter and can turn into a rich honey hue.

  2. Maple
    Maple is another type of hardwood that is dense yet durable. This wood species is often used in cabinetry and furniture. Maple’s straight grain contributes to it’s uniform texture. Maple wood has different variations in color including; reddish brown, white and lighter brown. Maple’s grain takes paint color well which is why it’s used in painted wood furniture.

  3. Cherry
    Natural cherry is pricey and it’s a trendy choice for furniture and cabinetry. It’s ultra durable and it has a distinct yet attractive grain. Cherry has medium brown color with pink undertones and can age into a reddish brown.

  4. Mahogany
    Mahogany is a tropical wood species with medium hardness. The great thing about this grain is that it is resistant to moisture which means that it less likely to warp or shrink. Mahogany has special grain patterns that can take on swirls and other types of shapes. It’s used to make finer furniture pieces. This species has a light pinkish hue that quickly transforms into a reddish brown color.