8 Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom

If you are in a design rut, we have eight decorating ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Let’s take a look at eight decor ideas for your home’s bathroom. 


Eight Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom

  1. Pictures.

One of the most commonly-used decor pieces is pictures. Whether it is from your personal collection or bought from a store, pictures can add style and set the tone in any room.

  1. Plants.

Plants can make everything better. They are extremely beautiful and have the ability to put a smile on your face after a long day. If you have the budget for fresh flowers, they can be a stylish detail to add to your countertops. Succulents can be placed on your bathroom’s windowsill or above your toilet. You even have the option of purchasing a hanging plant for the corners of your bathroom. The options are truly endless! Try and get creative by using different types of plants.

  1. Containers + Jars.

Hold all of your essential bathroom items inside of small containers and jars. They are beautiful decor pieces as well as being extremely functional. You can add them to your countertops to store smaller items like q-tips, cotton swabs, and toothpicks. 

  1. Baskets.

What better way to decorate than with a piece of storage? The trick of using baskets as decor pieces has been a design trick for decades. All you need to do is find the perfect collection of baskets and work them into your bathroom’s design. The baskets will give you extra storage and a classic finish to the room. 

  1. Tray.

Trays are a perfect organizational solution for bathroom counters. You can place a decorative tray on top of your countertop and add a decorative arrangement inside of it. Things like candles, lotion, and hand soap are simple ideas that you can add to your decorative tray. 

  1. Candles.

Not only do candles smell amazing, but they are also a beautiful decor piece. The best part is that they come in an array of sizes, shapes, and smells to meet your personal preferences. If you are looking to create a calming oasis, we recommend placing tea lights around your bathtub to create a relaxing bath. 

  1. Artwork

If you are a lover of art, the bathroom can be an incredible place to showcase it. Everyone goes to the bathroom and odds are that your guests will use yours at one point throughout the evening. Your bathroom’s artwork can spark an interest and even create a conversation after they return. 

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most incredible decor pieces for any room. They can help open up an entire space by reflecting natural light which ultimately makes the room look bigger. Amongst being beautiful, they are one of the interior designer’s best-kept secrets. If you have the opportunity to add a mirror to your decor, go for it! You can even purchase several small mirrors and make an interesting design out of them on the wall. 


How do you decorate your bathroom? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments in the section below!