Tips for Eliminating Clutter in the Bedroom

A master bedroom can be a homeowner’s oasis from the busyness of everyday life. What you bring into the bedroom can reflect on your mood and behavior; therefore, a clean, clutter-free bedroom means a stress-free environment. To help you maximize your bedroom’s stress-free potential, we have created six tips for eliminating clutter in your bedroom. We hope you enjoy. 


Tips for Eliminating Clutter in The Bedroom:

Tip No. One: Limited. 

Space can be extremely limited on your nightstands; therefore, you want to only keep a few essential items on there. If you are currently reading a book, you can keep your new read as a piece of decor. Try to limit to your nightstand to three to five items including your light fixture. This will help keep you organized and your room looking clean and pristine.

Tip No. Two: Gathered. 

If you need to store multiple items on your nightstand, you can use a vintage bowl or basket to hold the smaller items. This way you can have easy access to your things without creating a bulky, heavy look. 

Tip No. Three: Hidden. 

Electronics and electrical cords can be quite the eyesore for a master bedroom. To help reduce the clutter caused by electronics, we recommend storing them in an easily accessible basket or bin. For your electrical cords, you can try and work them behind your furniture to reduce their bulky appearance. 

    • Pro-Tip: If you have a lot of excess cords, try using a zip tie to keep all of your cords tidy.  

Tip No. Four: Organized. 

If your nightstand has drawers, you are in for an extra treat. Try buying drawer organizers to get your space in tip-top shape. The organizers will help you stay organized and reduce the clutter you accumulate in your drawers. 

Tip No. Five: Stored.

We recommend that you move your heavy, bulky items underneath your bed. Items like extra pillows and blankets can be stored in an under-bed container for later use. 

Tip No. Six: Personalized.

Even though we recommend having out the essentials, there is still room for fun decorative pieces. Be sure to add things that make you feel good throughout your room. Maybe you love candles or artwork, whatever your personal taste be sure to include it in your design. 


We hope you enjoyed these six quick tips for eliminating clutter in your bedroom. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.