Colors that Pair Well with Brown

From your wood furniture to your home’s walls, brown can be a popular color choice in many homes. The rich, deep color can pair well with most color palettes, but still, homeowners become hesitant to incorporate it into their design. Apart from wood finishes, brown holds the capability to add a lot to a room. With its warm hues, brown provides comfort and coziness to your space. You may be asking: what pairs well with the color brown? Well, we are here to help answer that question for you! Our hope is that you embrace the color brown into your home’s design and take on all of its design potentials. 


Colors that Pair Well with The Color Brown

  • White. 

Classically, white is one of the traditional colors to pair with brown. White will always work in a room that has a lot of brown because it offsets the color’s deepness. On the off side, using white does not challenge your creativity. On the plus side, you know white will perfectly finish a room with dark brown tones in it. It pairs well with the harsh contrast provided by the color brown. 

  • Light Blue

Light blue a gorgeous color that can be paired with brown. Its subtly brings the room to the next level. With the gentle appearance of color against the brown, we are ultimately obsessed with this color combination. 

  • Warm Tones

To maximize your home’s comfort and coziness, be sure to pair your browns with warm tones.

    • Warm tones include Beige, Tan, Oranges, Reds, Yellows, Maroons, and Other Shades of Brown. 
  • Pastels

If you love color, pairing pastels with brown is the choice for you! Brown works well with all of the pastel colors by embracing their light hues against brown’s deeper hue. 

  • Plum

Brown and plum are two of the richest and beautiful colors that you can incorporate together in a space. Without being overbearing, the deep colors play off of one another’s boldness and create a stunning color combination. For a setting that is fit for royalty, be sure to use brown and plum. 

  • Bright Green

What better example of a great color pairing other than a tree? Trees are the primary example of a stellar color combination. If you are looking for an earthy vibe, definitely pair together your browns and greens. 


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