Clean Your Windows Like A Professional

Have you looked out your window only to realize that the surface was marred with streaks and smears? Or maybe, there is dusting gathering at the bottom of the window sill? Dirty windows can take away from the overall aesthetic of your home. It can be a challenge to get your windows clean and clear. We’re going to show you a few tricks to get your window looking spiffy.


Pull Out the Vacuum

Before you begin cleaning the window it’s time to tackle the window sill. Yes, pull out the vacuum. Use the detachable upholstery tool to vacuum the sill and remove dust, spider webs, and grime. If you have window treatments like blinds and shades you should clean the dust off them as well with the vacuum. Drapes and curtains need some attention too.


Get to Cleaning

If you have large windows, then you’ll want to thoroughly clean them with a squeegee. You’ll need to tackle this job with a bucket of hot water and just a few drops of dish soap. The dish soap breaks the dirt down and makes it easy to wipe off with the squeegee.


Windows With Panes

Cleaning windows with panes can literally be a pain to clean. You can use an eyeglass cloth that is used to clean lenses to attack the window. You can find an eyeglass cloth at almost any store with a pharmacy. Spray a bit of water on the cloth and wipe away the smudges and dirty spots to achieve that crystal clear look.


High Windows

Sky high windows are a beauty but cleaning them can be extremely frustrating. When cleaning windows that are out of your reach you’ll need a telescoping microfiber dust. You can spritz water onto the duster portion of the tool and proceed to wipe away any foggy buildup.


Attacking the Streaks

To avoid streaks on the window, clean and dry the inside portion in a horizontal motion and the exterior vertically. This will help you to find the streaks more easily.


Don’t Forget the Screen

Window screens attract dust and dirt. Avoid washing them. Instead, wipe them clean with a dry microfiber cloth which works to pull off the contaminants from the screen.