Storing Your Gardening Supplies This Winter

As the cold weather begins to make its way back, homeowners can begin storing their gardening tools and supplies. There is nothing quite as nice as opening your shed in the springtime and having a completely organized, well-kept space. Before you dive right into the project, we gathered several tips for you to use while you organize and store your belongings. We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! 


Storing Your Gardening Supplies:

Tip One: Create a System. 

Map out what you would like your shed to look like. Add function by putting in adjustable shelves and a shelving system on the walls.

Tip Two: Get Hooked. 

A great shed storage idea that we love is hanging your gardening hose on a wall hook. Be sure to purchase a large enough hook to hold your entire hose. But once you add this genius trick, you will never have to worry about a tangled hose. 

Tip Three: Magnetized. 

Are you looking for the perfect way to store your tools? Try adding a magnetic strip to one of your shed’s walls. Most of your tools will be magnetic, but if they are not, you can add a small magnet on each of your tools. Once the strip is added, you can properly hang all of your tools for quick access and have an easy clean-up.  

Tip Four: Ramp It Up.

Storing your larger items can get tiring. By adding a ramp to your shed, you can help make organization less work. Wheel barrels and lawn mowers can be easily stored and accessed with this ramp! 

Tip Five: A Good Cleaning. 

While storing your supplies for winter, it is a good idea to focus on cleaning your tools and supplies. This way dirt and grim will not be left on them while they sit unused during the winter months. For help cleaning your gardening tools, we have created a simple three-step system: 

  • Step One: In a large bucket, pour in dry sand. Moisten the sand with vegetable oil. 
  • Step Two: Remove dried-on gunk from your tools with a putty knife. Afterwards, you will want to submerge your tools inside of your sandy mixture. Make sure that the wooden handles are outside of the sand for easy access. Let your gardening tools sit inside this sandy bucket for approximately ten minutes. You will want to keep putting the tools back in the bucket until all the residue is gone. 
  • Step Three: Once all of your tools are cleaned, wipe them off with a piece of burlap. After they are wiped down, you will want to store them on your magnetic strip. They will be cleaned and ready to use once spring arrives. 


How do you prep your outdoors for winter? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the section below. We look forward to hearing from you!