How to Keep Your Plants Alive & Well

Some homeowners have the magic touch when it comes to growing plants indoors. Other homeowners may struggle a little bit with letting plants flourish and grow to their full potential. We have three tips and tricks on how to keep your plants alive and well this fall! Let us get started:


Tip No. One: Water only when needed (not necessarily when you think): Watering plants can be one of the most tricky things for homeowners to get right. Homeowners tend to lean towards overwatering their plants rather than under watering the soil. If you want an easy trick for watering, stick your finger into the plant’s soil. You will typically want to place it near the edge of the pot to get a good read on its dryness. If the soil is dry, you can water your plant! Experts recommend doing this until you understand your plant’s watering schedule. When you water your plants, lift up the leaves and, using a watering can dampen the soil. You can have a little bit of water underneath your plant, but clean up any excess water that may have occurred. 

Tip No. Two: Use something to help with drainage: From pebbles to gravel, there are solutions for you to help your plant with its draining system. The key to proper drainage is to keep water from your plant’s roots. The excess amount of water can lead to rotting and that means bye-bye plant. If the pot for your current plant does not have holes, you will want to replant in a pot with holes to avoid rotting.

Tip No. Three: Understand what your plant likes: Whether you bought it from a local florist or at a grocery store, you will want the rundown on your plant. You will want to research your plant to the best of your ability to learn things like: does it prefer direct sunlight? Once you understand its lighting and eating preferences, you will be set up for greater success. Say that you do not know what type of plant you own, you can always take it into your local nursery and ask them. They may even give you some tips and tricks that are personalized to your plant type. 


We hope you enjoyed these three easy tricks. Make sure to check back weekly for more blogs and updates.