5 Tips Towards Reducing Clutter

Clutter can overtake our lives. Sometimes, we grow so accustomed to it that we do not feel like we do need to do anything about it. It is a scary thought to think that we are okay with the clutter-filled lives that we live. Let us be honest, we are not minimalists and we are not saying you need to be one. But reducing clutter can lead to a happier lifestyle, a healthier home, and reduced stress.


Before you jump into reducing clutter on your own, we have five tips that we think will be useful for you: 


Tip One: Make a Difference. Getting rid of stuff can be difficult, especially when you get in your head. Thoughts like “what if I will need this for ___ one day” or “I have always wanted to use this, but I just have not gotten around to it.” There will always be an excuse or a reason to keep something. A good way to look at it is that you will be making a difference through donations. Donating can help the less-fortunate find items they truly need. While going through your belongings, think of the families in need that you will be helping. You can make a difference right from your own messy garage. 

Tip Two: Only One. The rule of “only one” will help you in rooms like your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. You only need ONE of each thing. For example, you only need one spaghetti strainer or one bottle of bubble bath or one television remote. Once you have reached one, donate the others. 

Tip Three: It Needs a Place to Call Home. A great way to reduce clutter is to only keep items that have a place to be stored. No more storing a massive load of untouched boxes in your garage. Go through all of the items and if you do not have a place to store it, pitch it or donate it. There will definitely be exceptions like if you are housing something for someone else, the items are seasonal decorations, etc. 

Tip Four: Tackle The Untackled. Typically, we avoid sorting and cleaning out areas of our home that are unorganized and messy. That ends today. You want to take a good look at the areas you are ignoring and avoiding and start with those areas. There may be a ton of stuff that you did not even realize you owned! It is a great time to get a fresh start and donate these unused items. 

Tip Five: It Will Not Happen Overnight. A lot of homeowners get stressed and overwhelmed during this process. To reduce stress, give yourself breaks. Whether you go out for a walk or watch a television show, you want to be able to walk away from the project and come back at a later time. Do not over-frustrate yourself. It will get done. It just takes time. 


Getting rid of items that you own can be difficult and we understand that. As a reward, you should treat yourself with something special. You worked hard! Go on, you deserve it.