Pro-Decorating Ideas

Professional Interior Designers have tips and tricks up their sleeve when they go to design a home. But if you are on a budget, you may never have the chance to work with an interior designer. You do not have to hire a professional designer to make your home look amazing. We have all the design and decorating ideas that the pro’s do not want you to know! 


A Pro-Decorating Guide

Tip 1: Focus on The Strengths. 

Every home has some defining characteristics that make it special. Whether you have a giant picture window in your living room or a chandelier in your dining room, you want to focus on the strengths. Draw attention to your home’s strengths by framing your furniture and decor around them. 

Tip 2: A Door of New Possibilities.

Most homeowners work so hard on their interior decor that they forget about their front door. The front door is the first thing anyone will notice about your home. Not to mention the front door is inside of your home; therefore, you want to make sure it sets the tone for the house. Whatever you decide for your front door, make sure it ties in well with the rest of your home. If you are doing a bold, colorful front door, we recommend having the front entrance in more subtle, neutral colors. 

Tip 3: Stay Neutral.

Speaking of neutral colors, they are the best choice when choosing a paint color. It is easier to decorate with colors when you decide to use neutral wall colors. Plus, you can change out seasonal decor without having to worry about it matching with the walls. 

Tip 4: Hello Sunshine. 

The more natural lighting you have, the better your home will look. Draw your curtains back as frequently as possible to let the natural light flood your home.

Tip 5: Invite Conversation. 

Frame your furniture around conversation, especially in the living room. You can either follow the “H” or the “U” rule when setting up your furniture. Just set the couches and chairs inside one of those letters and it will help invite more conversation. 

Tip 6: Mirror, Mirror on The Wall. 

Mirrors are a great piece of decor in any room! That is why we encourage adding a mirror to every room in your house. You may be thinking “every room!?” Yes, every room. Mirrors are magical because they can open up your space by reflecting that natural light we talked about earlier. Add a mirror for the perfect finish to your decor. 


Thanks for reading, let us know what you think the comment section!