Make Your Own Window Treatments

Who does not love a great “do it yourself” project? If you love making your own personalized items, we have the perfect DIY project for you! Imagine unique, custom curtains that you made all by yourself. We have three curtains & tie-back ideas that you can make from items found around your home. Let us get started! 


Warning: This project can be extremely addicting! 


DIY Window Curtains: 

Curtain No. 1: Stenciled Curtains. 

You will absolutely love the way that these curtains turn out for you. All you need to transform your currently boring curtains is cloth paint, a stencil, and a paint sponge. 

Curtain No. 2: Painted Window Curtains. 

Embody your “middle school art class” self and consider painting unique curtains for your home. You can do lines, shapes or go full out with a complex design. Painted curtains are perfect for a child’s bedroom and/or playroom. These curtains can represent the playfulness found in a child’s room. 

Curtain No. 3: Bed Sheet Curtains. 

You may have extra bed sheets in your home that serve no purpose. Take your old bedding and repurpose them into curtains! Make sure to iron the sheets before you hang them, but with some simple cutting and sewing skills, you can have some inexpensive stylish curtains.


Creative Curtain Tie-Backs:

Idea No. 1: Vintage Door Knobs. 

Vintage stores are filled with classic, timeless door knobs that would be perfect for holding back your custom curtains. Before you pitch any old door knobs in your home, consider if you can use them to tie back your custom curtains.

Idea No. 2: Stylish Metallic Chain. 

Nothing says bold like a gold chain tying back your curtains. This trendy look is perfect for rooms that want to incorporate style and function.

Idea No. 3: A Teacup. 

Wait before you laugh at us for this one. If you take out the bottom of the teacup, the body of the tea cup can be run through the curtains in order to hold them back. Try using a vintage tea cups to achieve a classic look. 


We hope you enjoyed these DIY Window Treatment ideas and we would love to hear from you. If you have any tips or tricks of your own, please share them with us and the other readers in the comment section below: