Kids Bathroom Decoration Tips

If you have children, then you’re an expert at getting them to do things by turning them into a fun activity. Sometimes even that doesn’t work, but you’ve got to keep trying, right? For instance, their nighttime wash up routine can feel like it takes forever and quickly become draining when you’ve had a long day of running errands, working or being their all-day entertainment. Decorating their bathroom in a fun, easily accessible way to excite them and give them a chance to learn to take care of themselves.


Know that however you decorate this room, messes are going to happen. Children are in a constant state of learning and self-control isn’t necessarily their strong suit. Water will be splashed onto the floor, toothpaste will drip onto the counter and wayward toys will make their way into the sink and bathtub while you aren’t looking. Starting this process with a flexible attitude will prevent unnecessary stress and frustration, so think like they would when you are envisioning the space.


For the bathtub area, choose a fun, playful shower curtain and non-slip shower floor mat. Add suction cup containers to the shower walls to store water toys to play with as well as their body wash essentials. Loofahs wash cloths with fun animal shapes add a little flair. Don’t forget the bubble bath solution! Be sure to have an absorbent bathroom rug right outside the tub to catch those playful splashes and add a stool or cushion nearby to kneel or sit on so you can relax while they play. Have their favorite towel ready on a rack mounted shorter on the wall for easy access.


Make room for a hamper you can keep in the bathroom so the children learn to help you out with the laundry instead of throwing clothes on the floor. The sink area should have only the essentials as other items can be distracting and lead to delays. That figurine or picture frame on the counter will end up as a toy in no time! Extra items like these should be put on shelves that cannot be easily reached by little hands. Pictures can be installed on the wall. Add a carpet to this area as well in a fun color. If children are still unable to reach the sink area, add a sturdy stool and sink extender attachment so they can reach the water. Make hand towels available on your counter so kids do not have to reach too far for the wall mount and possibly slip from their stool.


Finally, if you need to give them a little incentive, create a wall chart that you can install low on the wall and check off each bedtime routine item so they can have a sense of accomplishment and learn to stick to a routine. If they do it well after so many times, you can give them a reward for being a “big kid”. 


Talk with your kids about what they want to see in their bathroom design and have a fun family trip to the store to make their vision come to life!