Adding a Distinct Charm to Your Living Space

Adding character to your home doesn’t require a complete overhaul. From small changes to larger statement pieces, you can add charm without breaking the bank.  You may already love your space but feel like something more is needed or lacking to make it perfect. Here are a few ideas to get you started with finding that missing puzzle piece to your decor. 


When you walk through your home, do you have a lot of open wall space? This can make your living space seem like a blank slate waiting to be claimed.  Using a large wall decoration will not only fill that empty space but keep it from becoming cluttered with smaller items intended to fill every square inch of free room. By using a larger piece you will be able to solve the problem of lack of decoration while adding some charm at the same time. When it comes to what to place there, think of things like a tapestry, large wall clock, canvas painting or even a metal wall sculpture. 


Do you have a home office or living room that looks a little bland? Try adding a couple of tall bookcases where you can display all the good reads you’ve picked up throughout the years.  Use a rich stain to really give it a classic look.  Whether plain in craftsmanship or built with intricate designs and patterns, it will be an attractive addition to your home. If there is room on top of them, consider a couple of small sculptures you can place on top of each. 


An easy way to add charm to your home is through an update of hardware and other fixtures. If your doorknobs are plain in appearance, try crystal knobs or a french door lever handle style. Look at your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Are the faucets looking a bit dull with use? An update in color (from brass to brushed nickel or bronze, for example) can change the room’s look.  Look at the handles you are using on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well. If they are a bit dated, opt for a more modern design. Finally, updating your light fixtures with distinctive glass shapes and pendants can instantly add character to the room. Play around with bulbs, glass colors and different areas of the home you could add a little light.


A few simple changes can make a big difference.