Easy Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

When you think of the bathroom, its organization is probably not the first thing that comes mind. Your bathroom’s organization can be easily overlooked and deemed unnecessary. We clean our bathrooms but do we necessarily organize our bathrooms? Today, let us focus on how to organize your bathroom for a daily functional use.


Easy ways to organize your bathroom:

    • Add a storage cabinet. Take advantage of the available space above your toilet. The excess space allows you to add a storage cabinet for optimal organization. Make sure your storage cabinet is stylish as well as functional. Each cabinet drawer and shelf should serve a purpose to avoid clutter and storing miscellaneous items. 
    • Rearrange your medicine cabinet/drawer. Go through your medicines and throw away any old/expired medications. Move the important ones to the front and the ones you use less frequently to the back of the medicine cabinet. 
    • Organize your linen closet. Your linen closet can become messy over the months. There may even be some old towels that you never use and push to the back of the closet. Go through your linen closet and keep only towels you use. If you store actual linens in your closet, keep only two linens per bed. This will assure that you always have one set in use and one set clean.
    • Go through beauty products. From shampoo to hairspray, beauty products can be sorted through and organized. If your products are old and avoiding use, throw them away to save space and keep the bathroom organized. 
    • Clean up the shower shelves. Try to keep a minimal amount of bath products in your shower for a clean look. If you have multiple members in your household, consider buying caddies for each person and storing them in the linen closet. This will remove the cluttered look from your shower and everyone will have their own items. 
    • Decorate with stylish organization. Mason jars are where style meets function. Use some mason jars or old glass jars to help you organize your bathroom’s countertop. You can store items like floss, q-tips, cotton swabs, and bath salts in the jars. Plus, you can even make one of the jars your soap dispenser by adding a pump to the top. 


Staying organized can often be a challenge. How do you personally keep your home organized? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.