House Warming Party

At last, you have finished your house and it turned out to be everything you could have ever imagined. You decide to celebrate the accomplishment with a house warming dinner party. If you enjoy cooking, dinner parties are a great opportunity to show off your culinary skills while showing off your new place. 


Here is how to throw a killer dinner party:


Send out your invites.

Pick a date and a time for your housewarming party. After you have decided, send out your invitations at least two-three weeks in advance. The early, the better. Make sure to have a date to RSVP by because you will need the amount of people coming for grocery list. 

Properly set your table. 

Charger Plates: For a formal dinner table setting, you will place your dinner plate & soup/salad bowl on top of the “charger.” Your charger plate acts a base for your setting and will remain during the duration of the main meal. You will take away your guests’ charger plates once the dessert is served. 

Dessert: Bring the dessert fork and plate come out with the dessert. 

Cups: The coffee cups will sit in the right corner above the silverware. Your wine glasses and water glasses will sit to the left of the coffee cups. 

Forks: The forks will sit to the left of your dinner plate. The dinner fork will be placed on the inside, closest to the dinner plate and the dessert fork will be placed on the outside left hand side. 

Spoons: Place the soup spoon on the far right. Your beverage spoons will lay in between the soup spoon and your dinner knife.

Knife: The knife will be on the righthand side closest to the dinner plate. 

Personalize the table. 

Name cards: Place a name card on each of your guests place. This will help your guests find their seats and feel special. Also, this gives you a chance to have certain people sit next to one another. 

Menu: You can provide a menu of the food you will be serving that night. Adding a menu adds a touch of class to your dinner table. 

Dec(orate) to impress.

Engage your guests’ eyes with a gorgeous centerpiece. You could put out an arrangement of flowers, candles, vases, etc. 

Delight their taste buds. 

Be aware of any allergies or restrictions your guests may have towards food. It is important to be respectful of their restrictions without overcompensating the rest of your guests’ meals. You can always provide an alternative main course option for guests with allergies (keep it simple).  Guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness you showed when preparing your meal with them in mind. 


We hope you thoroughly enjoy your house warming party and that all of your friends love your new place!