Feminine Bedroom Design

Creating a feminine bedroom theme doesn’t mean you should start loading up on the pink accessories. There are plenty of ways to make sure the room is inviting without being too predictable in your decorating choices. Keeping a few design ideas in mind will help you create the most relaxing spot in your home without having to worry about it looking like a child’s bedroom.  With the appropriate materials and a bit of effort, you can bring your vision to life.


Color is one of the first items that needs to be addressed when creating a feminine space. Soft colors will win the day every time. While white is always going to be a strikingly beautiful choice, also consider soft grays, blues and greens for the room as well. Using a combination of colors will help mix things up and prevent the space from looking dull. Use bolder colors sparingly. Brighter, more shocking colors can give the room too active of a look, which is something you’re not aiming for in the bedroom.


Line is an element of design that will absolutely have influence on a room that is aiming for a gender-specific look. When it comes to decor, items that have curved lines and softer edges are always seen as more feminine than angular pieces. Round side tables, a chaise lounge in the corner of the room and circular light fixtures will all help bring the room’s female factor sky high. Circular picture frames, windows and area rugs are all good design ideas. Use a small amount of angular decor to prevent the softer lines from overwhelming the room.


Finally, textures and materials will bring it all together and give the room a complete look. Soft, flowy curtains, a plush headboard and accent pillows will all contribute to giving the room a soft appearance. A comfy bedspread, decorative lampshades and floral touches are welcome in the space as well. Incorporating glass and crystal accessories will also give the room a polished, feminine look. Finish up with soft, yellow bulbs in your light fixtures to create a beautiful, soft glow throughout the room.