De-Cluttering Your Garage

One of the most neglected areas of the house for organization is the garage. Our focus usually ends up being concentrated on the sections of the home that will be viewed by visitors the most while the garage ends up playing the role of storage area for the items that don’t necessarily have a proper place indoors. It may not be the first thing on your mind when trying to declutter your home, but making sure that it’s items are easy to access can help your day run much more smoothly.


If possible, clear as many items out of the room as you can. Once they’ve been removed, take an inventory of everything. Of all the pieces that you’ve pulled out, how many are necessary in this space? Is some of it just junk you haven’t had time to dispose of? Do some items belong in a different storage area that you didn’t have time to place them in?  Well, here’s your chance to make it right!


Items you no longer need, organize them into either waste or recycling bins. If you are dealing with hazardous material, check your local waste disposal laws for proper handling. Next, return all misplaced items to their proper storage areas, whether it is an attic, an outdoor shed or even a borrowed item from a neighbor. Now that you’ve pared everything down to essential items only, think about the best way to keep them organized and accessible for future use.


Your garage became cluttered for a reason! New organizational units may be the key to fixing the issue. There are great products available today for every garage size to keep your items organized.   If you don’t have a lot of floor space, hanging overhead shelves can help provide some much-needed storage. Hanging wall units equipped with hooks can help keep gardening and automotive tools at arm’s length for your next project. Hang hooks up high to store bicycles vertically as well as other various sports equipment. If you have a few feet of room available, there are different varieties of metal and wooden shelving and cabinetry for storing miscellaneous workshop items.


Customize these units to your convenience. The easier things are to store after use, the more likely you are to not have to do a major closet clean like this any time soon!