Common Organizational Mistakes

Organizing your home can be a hefty task, but it becomes even more difficult if you are unconsciously adding more work for yourself. Homeowners tend to create more work for themselves by doing these ten common organization mistakes:

  • Putting away items you use every day 

Counter space is there for you to display items you use regularly. Do not be afraid to leave kitchen appliances or personal toothbrushes out on your countertops. Utilize the space provided to leave out items that you use frequently. Placing the items in cabinets will create more hassle and take up valuable cabinet space. 

  • Letting food go to waste

Sometimes, homeowners can buy way more groceries than they need and end up letting food go to waste. Create a steady grocery list that you consistently stick with to discourage over shopping.

  • Misplacing mail & bills

Bills are a time sensitive item that emphasizes the importance of organization. Have a specific place to go through your mail.

  • Stuffing drawers with miscellaneous items

Do not allow your household to create a “junk drawer.” Create a place for everything and if there is not a place for something, consider its function and if it is necessary. 

  • Not providing a space for coats and shoes

Designate an area near the entrance/exit of your home for coats and shoes. If there is no space provided, people tend to leave their items lying around the home. 

  • Organizing for looks rather than function

A color coordinated closet is really impressive, but not extremely functional. Move the current season’s clothing to the front of the closet and the past season’s clothing to the back of the closet.

  • Having too many decorations

Decorating a home is one the best parts as a homeowner, but over decorating can look clutter. You have a limited amount of wall and counter space so make sure not to overpack your items. 

  • Not tackling laundry right away

Wear it then wash it: an important rule to live by. Try not to let laundry build up in your laundry room. It will cause you more work in the end. Plus, is not it nice to be able to wear whatever you want whenever you want because it is always clean. 

  • Making impulsive buys

We all do this. It is natural, but it can hurt your wallet. If you want to buy something, wait two days. If you are still thinking about the item, then you can buy it. Odds are that you will forget about the item because it does not serve a necessary purpose. 

  • Skipping “cleaning day” 

Starting cleaning day is the worst, but remember that ending it is the best! Do not be discouraged from cleaning your home weekly, because skipping one day can lead to skipping another.


Avoiding these ten common mistakes will lead to a more organized and efficient home. Let us know if you have any additional tips and tricks you would like to share in the comment section below.