10 Items That Will Improve your Porch

Creating an outdoor living space is easier than one may think. The key is to decorate in the same manner as you would an interior. Think furniture with accent pillows, floors (rugs), lighting and accessories. It is important to cover all of the layering basics.

We have a list of things you can place in this area to improve any outdoor living space!

  1. Provide separate seating for relaxing and dining. Many people serve meals outdoors during the spring and summer. It is more comfortable to have a separate place to sit and relax, rather than only having chairs around an outdoor dining table. Do not do this if the available space will not accommodate two seating areas. When space is limited, decide which type of seating you would use more, dining or relaxing. Adding accent tables and a coffee table can serve as a way to accommodate beverages and snacks.
  2. Lighting is important in this area. Hang some string lights to add a romantic outdoor glow to your space.
  3. An outdoor rug with an exciting pop of color or pattern.
  4. A portable fire pit. These are perfect if you do not have one that has been custom built. They can be used to make smores or simply cuddle up by on cool evenings!
  5. Planting flowers and herbs that naturally repel mosquitos are a great way to naturally protect you and guests. Not to mention they look and smell nice. Basil and lemon grass are a few of many mosquito repelling plants.
  6. Music is a perfect way to set the mood. Grab some blue tooth speakers that can easily be transported to and from the porch.
  7. A drink station is very inviting. It can be interchanged with lemonade, tea or even hot cocoa for cool nights.
  8. Hang drapery or add a decorative screen.
  9. Add vintage, glass lanterns with candles inside. This creates glittering accent lighting and adds the finishing touch of accessories.
  10. Decorative solar lights are another way to add a free source of lighting that will enhance landscaping. Plus they never need to be plugged in!