Cleaning Your House Quickly & Efficiently

You are in a rush. You have guests coming over, but do not have time to scrub down your entire home. You have decided to focus on the main elements of your house. You are officially ready to start cleaning, but where do you start? No need to worry because we have the perfect list of what to clean when you have a limited amount of time. 


Quick & Efficient Cleaning: 

  • Beds: If you are having overnight guests, cleaning the mattresses can be extremely important. Strip the beds and wash all the linens. While the bed is stripped, vacuum the mattress to remove dirt and dust mites. Now sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and lavender essential oils. Move on to other parts of the home before you vacuum off the baking soda. Lastly, redress the bed with your freshly washed sheets and bedding. 
    • Note: use the scent of lavender since it can encourage a healthy night’s rest. 
  • Dust: To dust your furniture off quickly, place an old sock on your hand. You can run your hand across your furniture to gather any dust particles. Take a duster to clean off your ceiling fans and a dryer sheet to dust off baseboards. 
  • Vacuum: Swiftly run a vacuum through your main rooms and guest bedroom. If you have hardwood floors, you can use a dust mop to collect any left behind dirt and dust. 
  • Windows: Windows can become extremely dirty over time, make sure to wipe down your windows with a glass cleaner to free them of smudges and fingerprints. 
  • Bathrooms: Take a disinfecting wipe to clean off bathroom counters and the toilet seat. Clean out the toilet bowl with toilet bowl cleaner and wipe down any fixtures with disinfecting wipes. If time allows, clean out your bathtub and shower with bathroom cleaner.  
  • Countertops: Wipe down all of your counters with a sponge, dish rag, or disinfecting wipe. Since you may have just vacuumed, make sure to let crumbs and dirt fall into your hands when wiping down the counter. 
  • Mirrors: You can finish up by cleaning off the mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms with glass cleaner. 


Now, your home is clean and ready for guests! Nothing can stop you from having a great night with your family or friends tonight. Enjoy!