Organizational Tips

An organized life is a happy life. The more clutter your home has, the more frustrated you get. We totally understand! Everything needs a designated spot in your household. When life gets crazy, things can get misplaced. This is because your things never had a designated place in your household. Let us change that: 

2. Doors

Utilize the back of your doors in closets, garages, laundry rooms, etc. Doors hold a lot of storage potential that is easily overlooked. Consider buying a shelving system that hangs over the back of your door. 


2.   Pantry

Your pantry’s main job is to hold items, this can get messy quick. Clear containers are a great solution to an overflowing shelf. The clear containers allow you see what’s in them without having to move everything around. A label maker will come in handy if you want to label what product is in each of the containers. Also, this solution will help you when grocery shopping. Wouldn’t it be easy to just glance in the pantry and see what containers are empty? 


3.   Beds

Beds have a lot of hidden storage underneath them. This solution is great for storing things you would like out of sight. You can buy bins to store your items underneath your bed or invest in a bed that has a built-in storage system. 


4.   Baskets

Baskets are the stylish version of bins. Baskets can be left out while adding to the room’s overall decor. Baskets are great for storing things you need often but do not want to leave out (i.e. blankets). 


5.   Hooks

Hooks will help keep your front entrance tidy. Add hooks near the entrance of your home so that your family members can hang their belongings. 


6.   Mail Bin

Mail lying around the house can not only be frustrating, but things can get lost. When bills come through the mail, it is important to have a designated spot for your mail. Mail bins are a great place to put your mail in before you can go through it. 


7.   Clothing Rods

Some closets have the potential for more space; adding clothing rods can maximize the space offered by a closet. 


An organized home is a happy home. Decluttering your home can help make more time for the things you enjoy.