Add Character to Your Design with an Area Rug

If you are looking to add some character to a room’s design, consider including an area rug to the space.  Whether it’s carpeted or not, an area rug will add distinction to a room that may look a little too bland.  Note: A solid colored carpet will work best as a base to build upon.


There are a few factors that need to be considered before you make your selection: room size, shape and color. 


The size of the room and the layout of its furniture will determine what is going to look best.  For a living room with sofa set, side table and coffee tables, you want to make sure that a good size rug will extend beneath the front of the seating area.  A dining set will need coverage not only under the table but the chairs as well.  Bedroom area rugs add warmth and comfort to the space and need to be large enough to cover a walking path through the room as well.


The room’s shape will help determine what shape area rug will best suit your home.  Long, narrow rooms can be broken up by using two large rectangular area rugs of similar color and pattern or even one circular and one rectangular one to draw the eye.  A square room will benefit from the soft lines of an oval-shaped or circular rug, especially if the furniture also has an angular look.  Runners are the obvious choice for hallways while oddly shaped rooms can be centered with a symmetrically shaped rectangular or circular rug. For a foyer or large bathroom, a geometrically shaped rug will immediately add flair to the space.


Color, while listed last, should not be considered the least important.  Make sure you have an idea of what direction you want to go with the color scheme of your room: complementary, contrasting, monochromatic, etc.  This will guide your color and pattern choice for the room.  If there are already a few patterns in the room, try to dial it back with a solid color to give a place for the eye to rest.  If the room is more on the plain side, adding a rug with a bold pattern is an easy way to dress it up.