Happy Pet Household

Pets become a part of the family. They provide love, laughs, and happiness to their owners. It is easy to see all the great things your pet brings to the family, but realistically they can be a lot of work. Whether you have a puppy or a full-grown dog, learning how to live with an animal sometimes becomes a series of trial and error. We have provided some tips for providing a happy pet household:


Make it washable. Animals have accidents, it may not be often but they do. From your bedding to rugs make sure it is washable (or easily treatable). Puppies especially do not give us a warning when they have to go the bathroom. Be prepared for any accidents with proper cleaning supplies and washable items. Take some time to think about your major household items and how you would treat them. If it can be ruined easily, try to keep it out your pet’s view.


Shedding. Unless you have a hypoallergenic pet, there will probably be a lot of shedding. 


  • Invest in a quality vacuum. Realistically you should vacuum every day, it is good for removing the pet hair and the lifespan of your carpet. Pet hair can be a source of dirt and odor, it is imperative to regularly clean and vacuum your home. 
  • Incorporate your pet’s fur color throughout the house. By using the same color as your pet’s hair, it will distract from all of the hair they leave behind. This may sound crazy but look at your pet as your design inspiration. 
  • Give your pet a bath frequently. Do not give them so many baths that it dries out their skin, but bathe them about once a month. 
  • Trimming their nails will help reduce any scratch marks that they may leave behind. This can be a scary responsibility because some pets have dark nails and you cannot see their blood vessel. If you are nervous about cutting their nails, talk to your vet about the actions you should take. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these circumstances. 


Provide them with space. If you have room, provide your pet will a space to call their own. You can convert a cabinet into a cat’s room or a window bench into a dog’s haven. There are endless ideas available online. 


Keep it natural. Your pet and family’s health is important. Keeping most of your household items natural will ensure safety. Store hazardous products out of reach from children and pets. 


Our pets want the best for us so would not we want the same for them? These tips will help keep your pets happy and healthy. Always remember to consult a veterinarian with any questions or concerns.