Spring is Here!


In other parts of the country the first day of spring is exciting after what is often a long, cold and gray winter. Here in Arizona our winters are warm. sunny and the envy of most of the Eastern United States. But there is a flavor to spring in Arizona if we take the time to see it.

First we have the orange blossoms blooming. Orchards full of them in some places in Arizona, and it’s rare to drive down the street without seeing at least a few trees in bloom. Roll your car windows down in some parts of town and your nose will be inundated with the smell of orange, lemon and grapefruit trees in bloom.

Even in the desert, flowers cover the normally dry landscape. Yellow, of course, but some blue and purple smaller ones too dot the roadside. Easterners are surprised by the variety of flowers our cacti provide this time of year. We calmly explain, “we had a lot of rain…” In other parts of the country flowers bloom everywhere every Spring. Here, we know how lucky we are to have the rich display we’re seeing this year.

And of course we can add to that with flowers at our own homes. Plants in pots – either individual flowers or luscious mixes – look wonderful clustered around the front door. Consider adding a few flowering bulbs under the trees in your yard. Simply follow the instructions at your local nursery – putting them in the refrigerator for a few weeks will allow you to end up with daffodils and tulips out here.

Don’t forget the pleasure of spring plants in your home. Either in pots or as cut flowers, daffodils make a grand display at a brunch or in your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking at the calendar or outside, Spring is here. Enjoy it!