Use All Five Senses This Holiday Season

tangerines-1087060_640Most of us are pretty good about decorating for the holidays. We may hang wreaths, put up lights, and maybe a tree. Candles always add ambiance, and there may be some heirloom decorations to pull out and share with family and friends.

But when you’re planning to make your home ready for the holidays, be sure to involve all five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Sight is easy, but here are some suggestions for pulling in the other four.

Sound: Holiday carols always add a nice element to gatherings of family and friends. But consider focusing on specific musical finds. With today’s options, you might play blocks of theme holiday music, such as a retro hour with Bing Crosby or Elvis Presley. Or you could look for carols by a brass quintet. Different styles and moods keeps the music front-and-center.

Taste: Cookies are always a hit, but look for other traditional offerings. For example, spiced cider offers a warm inviting choice while also adding to another sense…

Smell: Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, baked goods all say happy holidays. Stop at a florist or nursery and pick up some fresh pine boughs to add that sharp winter scent to your home.

Touch: This is a great time to add several hand-knitted throws to your sofa and easy chairs. Pull out a favorite teddy bear or two while you’re at it for guests to cuddle while chatting. Before you know it everyone is more comfy. Think about texture along with color when you plan your holiday decor.

By planning for your holidays with all five senses, you will create a mood in your home that people will remember well into the new year.