Time to Make a Dream

hand-1112469_640Many people make resolutions at the New Year. And almost as many people break them. Instead, this year, how about deciding to make a new start on something? How about making one of your dreams come true?

It could be as simple as a childhood wish to visit New York City, or take up painting. Or as complex as going back to school to finish that degree. Whatever it is, it’s all about giving yourself permission to give yourself a gift – a positive thing rather than the self-punishing approach that resolutions seem to have.

Here are some steps to take to help make that dream start to come true in 2016.

Admit it: Does it seem silly? Even Childish? Do you think it’s unrealistic? Are you afraid people might laugh at you? So you’ve always wanted to write a novel, go to Disneyland, see a Broadway play on Broadway, sing in a choir. Whatever your dream, acknowledge it to yourself. If you don’t want to share it with others, don’t.

Write it down: Somehow the act of putting it on paper makes it more real. Study after study has shown that people who write their goals down are much more likely to reach them.

Plan the first steps: You don’t have to create a complete blueprint all the way from where you are to the end result, but figure out the first couple of things you can do to take you closer to your dream. Maybe it’s as simple as making a phone call, looking up something on the Internet or even figuring out a budget. But nothing’s going to happen without those first steps, and something can happen once you make them.

So in 2016, don’t make a resolution. Instead, make one of your dreams come true.