Valentine’s Day Solo

12632055_SIf you find yourself without a significant other this Valentine’s Day, there are better ways to spend it than by feeling sorry for yourself. You can have a lovely day celebrating the person who should mean the most to you – yourself. Try these ideas to make your day special.

Splurge: You don’t need someone else to buy you your favorite chocolates, perfume or other favorite purchase. Let go – within reason – and buy yourself a favorite indulgence.

Share: Do you have other friends who also have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with? Why not plan a party with them? You could splurge on a happy hour or dinner at a favorite restaurant and follow up with chocolates and popcorn at home with a movie like Sleepless in Seattle and plenty of tissues.

Think of others: Are there people you know who may be having a tough time? Maybe it’s the lonely elderly couple next door or the single mom who never has a minute to herself. What can you do to brighten their Valentine’s Day? A batch of heart-shaped cookies and an understanding ear may be just the thing to make them feel special, and you may find yourself feeling better too.

Change the rules: The best way to meet someone is through your friends. You could throw a get-together party. Have every one of your single friends bring a guest of the opposite sex. Plan plenty of fun and silly games and events to get everyone comfortable. It’s a fun way to spend the evening, and you never know; someone at that party may connect with someone else. You may even find the person you will end up spending Valentine’s Day with next year!

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  1. I love those ideas – maybe a “seasonal” bento theme based on the summer that only inceldus seasonal food or alternatives to egg-sheets and such? I would love to see a totally vegan theme, as well! ^.~

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