Planning for Summer Outdoors

It is not too early to begin planning and decorating your outdoor living space, sun porch or front porch.  The cooler months and beginning of spring are the perfect time to assess what you have, what still works and what you will need to replace for this summer.


Outdoor furniture may need to be replaced more frequently than the furniture inside your home since it is exposed to the elements. Rain and sun can both do damage to outdoor furniture that is made of wood, plastic or painted. Outdoor fabrics are designed to be water resistant and less likely to fade but will eventually show the wear and tear of life outdoors.  Outdoor rugs are similar to outdoor fabric in terms of fading and resistance to water.


Wood and metal furniture can be given a second life with a coat or two of spray paint. Prepping the chair or table to remove any dirt and rust is a must for the paint to adhere. A light sanding can also roughen the surface to accept the new layer of paint. There are even spray paints designed to work on plastic that can be a great option for plastic patio furniture.


Once you know what outdoor furniture and accessories you can still use this coming summer you’ll know what you need to buy new.  Planning your budget and shopping early will help you get the right piece and stay within your budget.

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