Well-designed Kitchen

If you dream of a kitchen that’s beautiful and yet still designed for the serious cook, take a look at this Monterey Bay kitchen from Victoria Estates.

Let’s look at function first. The double oven provides a standard convection oven at the bottom, with a convection/microwave combination above. These are both set at just the right height for pulling out hot dishes without having to bend over or reach up, a good safety consideration.

The walk-in pantry is one particularly appealing functional feature. With plenty of shelves, food staples and serving dishes are only a step away. Larger equipment has a place here, and closing the door keeps any clutter out of sight.

The refrigerator is built in for style but still has the basic water and ice dispenser. To the left the cabinet and counter provide a perfect staging ground for a coffee-maker or other commonly-used kitchen appliances. There’s plenty of counter space to use thanks to the large island. Pendant lights over the island provide extra brightness for detailed tasks.

The island itself is more than a kitchen tool. A countertop seating area with enough room to comfortably seat four provides the ideal setting for everything from a place for a few couples to snack on appetizers while talking to the cook to a buffet setup for a much larger gathering.

From the standpoint of style, a designer touch is clearly evident. The rich cabinetry benefits from the judicious use of dark glaze to mark out the molding. 18 inch porcelain tiles are a softer reflection of the striking granite countertops. Choosing to cover the refrigerator and range hood in wood rather than stainless helps this kitchen retain a warm feel. The furniture style of the island helps make the transition from kitchen to living space smooth and connected. Altogether, an ideal kitchen.

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