Suggestions for a Book Lover

Are you someone who loves to read? Many book lovers find books taking over their homes and their lives. While books are a lovely addition to a home, in excess they stop adding charm and start feeling like clutter. If you’re in this situation, here are some suggestions to help you manage.

Read and release. Set a box in an unobtrusive spot in your home. After you read a book, ask yourself if you will ever want to read it again. If the answer is no, place the book right in that box. Once the box is full, take it to a used bookstore or donate it to a library or thrift shop.

Share with other book lovers. If you have a friend or family member who loves mysteries as much as you do, make arrangements to pass along your books once you’ve finished with them. They will be grateful and you will have fewer books.

Schedule a book review. With several boxes handy, look through each bookshelf and remove any books you won’t want to read again. Distribute those books among several categories: donate, sell, or give to friends and family.

Separate your reference books. You may have books that you use regularly for your work or hobbies. Separate those from other books and keep them organized in one place. That way you won’t be constantly passing over them when deciding which books to donate.

Add shelves. If you have sorted and removed all the books you can and you still have piles around the house, consider adding either purchased or built-in bookshelves. You don’t want your books to be clutter. Instead, create a way to enjoy them and let them add personality to your home.