Time to Rethink Your Accessories

Now that you’ve put away your holiday decorations, before you put your home accessories right back where you had them, how about taking a few minutes to rethink your table tops?

Nothing makes a room feel stale more than having the same arrangement of accessories placed in the same places year in and year out. With everything mixed up due to the holidays, along with the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to take a fresh approach to your coffee and side tables.

To start, place all of your home accessories on your dining room table. Look at the large pieces that are left. Do you want to move that lamp? Would this side table look better at the other end of the room? The functional goal for small tables involves providing a place to put a glass from every seat in your living room. Do your tables meet that goal?

Once you’ve sorted your large pieces, take the time to consider where your accessories will fit. In this photo, the woman uses this side table for her cup, newspaper and phone. Therefore it’s smart to have one strong accessory, such as this plant, rather than several elements that would constantly get in the way.

Tables that don’t receive heavy use can handle more elements. Remember to combine different heights, and when possible set up your accessories in groups of three or five – odd numbers are more appealing. When you rearrange things, your home looks fresher and your treasured home décor selections will pop in their new locations.