Creating Traditions: Family Cooking School

Today’s families are on the go more than ever. Getting the whole gang together for a family meal can be challenging with everyone’s busy schedules.  The majority of American families do not eat every dinner together during the week. Does this sound familiar?


Involving the whole family in making dinner can be a fun activity, and it just might help get your kids to eat their vegetables.


Family cooking school can be something as easy as make your own pizzas from scratch or letting the kids help with taco night. If you have small children, getting them interested in cooking is a great way to get them interested in healthy food from a young age. Older kids and teens can be in charge of designing a menu and even shopping for ingredients. You could even divide up into teams to do the best of cooking competition—with prizes.


Set up your kitchen to make prep and clean up quick and simple. If you are working with little kids, things can get messy so protect your floors and counters. This can mean moving the runner out of the way or putting down a drop cloth if things are really messy.  Messy is fine. Remember this is a fun activity for the family as well as a way to get dinner on the table.