Decor – Creating a Balanced Room

Balance is something that we seek in many aspects of our lives: work, home, finances and family. Achieving a balanced room may be easier than finding balance between work and family or balancing the checkbook.

Creating a balanced design for your room can be done by simply rearranging furniture, lighting and accessories.

This living room is a nice example of a balanced room design. Centered off of the fireplace, the living room arrangement is balanced and symmetrical. When creating a balanced room design, think of Noah and the pairs of animals. Pairs are key in achieving balance in a room. The sofa in this living room faces the fireplace and anchors the seating area. Flanking it is a pair of tray-top side tables. These side tables would be the perfect place for a pair of table lamps. A pair of chairs sits across a coffee table from a pair of ottoman stools that serve as extra seating.

Low stools or ottomans make great seating in front of focal points like windows, televisions or fireplaces because they do not block the view. Centering the seating area is an area rug. This area rug is a little small and could extend under the seating to help tie all the elements together. Plants can make great accessories for a room. Other lighting and accessories would be nice additions to this living room. Dressing up the mantel and area above it would finish the room design.