Mix it Up: Decorating a Room with Different Styles

There is a big trend in design right now that you’ve probably seen. Mixing up different design styles in one room for an eclectic look that when it works feels very personal.  While using just one style, like traditional or Mediterranean, is still popular in new home construction and decorating, we’re seeing more and more eclectic interiors in the shelter magazines and on design blogs. What do you think? Is this a trend you are following?

This picture is a good example of eclectic style working well in a room.  The room and chair are traditional in style, and in the classic neutral color palette.  A club chair like this one can work in many different style interiors and is a great basic chair. The woven pouf, or table, feels much more contemporary and handcrafted.  It is clearly not the same style as the club chair yet works well with the chair and the room. A single piece that stands out can become the focal point. This table almost feels like a piece of sculpture in the neutral space.

By keeping the floor neutral works, the room feels like a cohesive space. A traditional rug or contemporary rug would be too much.  A simple woven rug or natural jute area rug would work best in this space, keeping things neutral.

When mixing styles, keep your eye on line and color to create an eclectic space that feels sophisticated, not just a hodgepodge of found furnishings. Mix in smaller accents from another style and see how they work with your existing pieces until you achieve a look you love.