Kid Friendly Flooring

Whether you have toddlers who are just crawling around or teenagers having friends over, finding kid friendly (and kid tough) flooring is a must.  Carpet is a great choice, but there are other options out there besides traditional wall-to-wall carpet.  If you do choose wall-to-wall, make sure you are getting something that is not only soft underfoot but also durable and most importantly, stain resistant.


Wool carpeting is naturally stain resistant and durable. Wool carpet, like in this kid’s room, has a great texture but is also soft on feet. Cotton area rugs have the bonus of being washable (if they are not too big) in the machine or spot cleaned.  Carpets with patterns are also a good choice.  There are many pattern choices these days, ranging from modern to traditional and antique patterns.  These can be found in both area rugs and wall-to-wall.


If you have wall-to-wall carpet that you want to protect from little feet or messy teenagers, placing an area rug over the high traffic area or middle of the room is a smart, and stylish, addition to the floor.


Hardwood is durable, but can be slippery or tough on little ones. A natural wool or cotton area rug is a good way to make hardwood, or any hard surface flooring, more kid friendly.


Carpet squares make a smart choice for kid friendly floors. If a stain should occur, simply swap out the tile for a new one.  Cork is also a soft and natural flooring choice.