Imaginative Display

If your child is starting to outgrow a menagerie of stuffed friends, this approach can keep them out of the way without having them totally disappear. Or maybe you have a collection of old friends that you are not quite willing to tuck into a closet but would like to keep under better management.

One appealing solution is to create a set of boxes that permit arranging the stuffed crew in an inviting and imaginative way. Here we have about 22 animals living in peace while looking more interesting and appealing than they would scattered throughout a room

This multiple-space shadow box is the work of an afternoon for someone handy with basic carpentry. To dress it up you could add a back and some wallpaper or contrasting paint inside each area.

The secret to the charm of this display comes from the casual display of various toys, combining some open space with piles of different creatures. You can make the same magic in any room by breaking the balance rule a bit. Maybe you have a side table just perfect for a bowl filled with old coins, or a corner of your kitchen where all of your favorite cookie cutters just fit on one wall. Some small shelves and a few nails and you are reminded of cookies every time you glance that way.

The white paint on these shelves allow virtually any flooring choice, but you may want to go with wood stain instead if you have wood flooring and want to make the two pieces connect. You have unlimited choices if you’ll just think outside the box when deciding how to display treasured possessions.