Color Blocking in your Home

Color blocking is a big trend in fashion right now. Creating big areas of color in an outfit in contrasting colors is a look we saw on the runways and city streets this spring. Interior design and fashion influence one another so it is no surprise we are also seeing color blocking in decorating.


Color blocking on walls works well in large spaces like this open concept loft space.  Each block of color denotes a different function in the room: blue for home office; red for dining; yellow for living.  The yellow on the column is a nice pop of bright color against the deeper shades of blue and red.


For other spaces where three different primary or bold colors would be too much on the walls, color blocking can be done on the floor with area rugs.  Using a colorful area rug in the living room to center the seating area and a contrasting color rug in the dining room would create the look of color blocking without being overwhelming.


Adding color blocks in accents is another way to bring this fashion look into your décor.  Choose a throw blanket in one color and add accent pillows in a contrasting color on a neutral sofa.  You can group accessories, like colored glass vases, together into blocks of color.  In the bathroom, arrange towels in groups of two and three colors that really pop.


No matter how you interpret the color blocking trend, bringing color into your space is always a good idea.

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