A Calm Oasis

A bedroom should be a calm oasis to restore your spirit at the end of a day and greet your eyes with harmony in the morning. This traditional style bedroom is awash with calm colors in antique white, grey and soft blues. All the colors fall within a similar range of hues, giving the room an almost monochrome palette punctuated with a few deeper accents.

When laying out a bedroom, find a focal point for the bed to face. This may be a window or fireplace. Often the bed is centered on the longest wall, but you can always center it between two windows. If you have more than one focal point, pick one and be sure to highlight the other. In this room, the beautiful windows have grey shades and cream curtains that frame them and create a focal point. Hanging the television above the fireplace keeps the focus on the fireplace rather than detracts from it.

Flooring in the bedroom should be visually pleasing but also pleasing to bare feet. Hardwood floors with a large area rug or wall to wall carpeting both work well in a bedroom.

Matching wall color, curtain fabric and carpet gives a room a polished monochrome look that can also be soothing if the colors are in cool neutrals. Using neutrals as the base colors allows for easy changes in accessories seasonally or as your taste changes. A neutral upholstered headboard can also be accessorized with a throw or slip cover.