Wrapping Gifts

This time of the year, many people are faced with a pile of gifts to wrap. For some, this is a fun part of the holidays. For others, it can feel like seasonal torture. Here are some tips to make wrapping gifts more enjoyable.

Use the proper tools:

Choose sturdy wrapping paper. Paper that rips easily is hard to arrange on a package without tearing it.

Scissors are fine, but you may want to grab a gift wrap cutter at your local card or discount store. These cutters, a little larger than a pen, allow you to cut your paper quickly.

Pick up a tape dispenser like the one in the photo for your wrapping efforts. Unlike the smaller, disposable home-use dispensers, this one allows you to pull and cut a piece of tape with one hand. That way you can hold the spot to be taped closed while getting the tape ready at the same time. It’s a little thing, but when you’re wrapping many gifts it makes a difference.

Choose a style:

Like your home, your wrapping paper look can be uniquely yours. If you buy a set of 3-6 rolls, they are generally color-coded to match. If you want, just select one type of wrapping paper and ribbon so that all the presents that come from you have the same look.

Keep ribbon easy:

If you buy a 1 inch or wider wired ribbon – available at very reasonable prices at many warehouse stores – you can just tie it around a package with a standard bow (like the one you use to tie sneakers) and it will look lovely. If you want, look for small decorations or inexpensive ornaments to tie in with the bow to add charm.

Just follow these suggestions and maybe your wrapping efforts will be easier this year, and remember, if you really are all thumbs about wrapping, there are always gift bags!