When you’re Buying Furniture

Is it time for new furniture? Perhaps you’re moving into a home with more space, or it may be time to upgrade from family hand-me-downs to choices that more closely match your own style.

You have important decisions to make when furniture shopping. Here are a few suggestions to make your choices easier to make.

To start, figure out which pieces of furniture you need and set a priority list. When in doubt, start by purchasing the largest pieces such as a sofa or dining table. Then you can fill in with other elements as you have time and your budget allows.

Measure the space you have available. Remember to provide room for traffic and consider the proportions of the room. You don’t want the space to look crowded.

When you head out, bring your measurements and the tape measure with you, along with any flooring or paint samples from the room to be furnished. Be sure to measure every piece of furniture before purchasing it. The large space and high ceilings of most furniture stores can fool your eye into thinking something is smaller than it actually is and you don’t want to be surprised when you bring it home.

Test every piece of furniture before making a decision. This means sit on any chairs and open drawers and doors. Furniture has to be more than good looking, it has to work for you.

Most upholstered pieces are available in a variety of fabrics. In a number of cases, swatches of other choices may be attached to the floor model. Some stores have their own design departments with a rich selection of upholstery fabrics. This gives you the flexibility to find just the right color and fabric combinations for your home.

With a little planning and some careful shopping, your furniture purchases can be successful and the experience can be fun!